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BALYO and NORCAN announce that they have signed a strategic partnership agreement for the co-development of a smart collaborative robot

  • BALYO’s core technology used in collaborative robots to automate order picking
  • NORCAN’s offering now extended to include products that complement the Group’s industrial and logistic solutions
  • Solid commercial potential: a worldwide distribution network, technological synergies, and a shorter time to market

We have the pleasure to announce that NORCAN sealed a deal concerning the acquisition of 100% of shares of LP INNOVATION AB in Sweden (Uppsala). This acquisition will allow us to strenghten our position in this Nordic country which has a large industrial sector. Stephane FAUTH declares : “this is a new chapter for LP INNOVATION and also for NORCAN : we will be able to reenforce our collaboration and thus be expanding the range of applications, services and the customer base in Sweden. This enlarged client base will have access to our unique tailor-made solutions and innovations for their industrial equipement”.

Since the company changed hands at the end of 2014, the management has been working on developing the Export aspect of the Group. After Poland in December, we are pleased to announce that our new subsidiary in Morocco has today materialised and opened for business.

Séance de signatures chez notre expert-comptable : M. Abdellatif et Mme Kouds BERNOSSI

Since the company changed hands in 2014, the management has been working on the Group's Export development, work which is today coming to fruition in POLAND.

"We want to support our customers in POLAND and enable this great industrial country to benefit from the know-how that the company has been building up in France for 30 years" says Stéphane FAUTH, the Chairman of the Alsace company. "The model we have chosen is the one that is


After several years of discreet collaboration, NORCAN is cementing its partnership with the SEBASTIEN LOEB RACING stable located in Soultz-sous-Forêts.

Le Logo de NORCAN Hispanica

This change of corporate name is a manifestation of our desire to export our know-how via strong, independent and competitive subsidiaries that are able to